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Piano Sonata in E flat Major (2000-01)

Piano Sonata in E flat minor (2002)

Variations on a Theme by J. Dowland (2005)

Piano Sonata in F minor (2008)

Fantasia (2008)


Fantasia (excerpt) - Ioana Ilie (Live)
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Variations on a Theme by G.F. Haendel (2009)

Lyrical Pieces 
Improvisations in the style of J. Brahms

"Pisces" (2016)

Three Easy Piano Pieces (2016)

1. Water Drops

2. At Dusk

3. On a Sunday

The Clouds (2017)

Violin Sonata in A minor (2003, rev. 2015)

Adagio and Fugue for Stringquartett (2004, rev. 2009)

Four Songs for Soprano & Piano 
Poems by Rebekkah Läuchli

"Legend" for Stringquintett (2011-12)


"Legend" for Stringquintett (excerpt) - "Phoenix Ensemble" (Live)
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Four Songs for Alto, Cello & Piano (2012)
Poems by Wolfgang Borchert

Piano Trio in F sharp minor (2012-13)


Piano Trio - I. Allegro moderato (excerpt) - Trio Ilie, Inoue & Maskulrat
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Three Intermezzi for Cello Solo (2013)

Da Dona Nobis Pacem 
for Female Choir & Piano

ADElina (2015)
A Tribute (Hommage) to Adelina Oprean
for Violin & Piano
composed by Ioana Ilie & Mathias Inoue
Five Songs for Soprano & Piano
Poems by Sarah Baxter

Das Wort / The Word (2017)
Little Oratorio for Solo Mezzo and Romantic Orchestra
Texts by  C.W. Berg, E. Weber & Samuel Jakob


Pianist. Improviser. Composer.

"The best in music cannot be found in the score..."
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