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"Master of Improvisation"

"...more thrilling than a thriller!..."

" incredibly talented and entertaining artist..."




I am thrilled to share with you my new album, ZODION!

ZODION is a collection of piano pieces which I composed on the 12 star signs of the zodiac. I have been fascinated by the idea of composing music on character traits since childhood and I am overjoyed to be able to present this dream turned reality to you!


The album is available on my website only at the moment, but will be released on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon on June 28th.


Poster Konzert CD-Taufe.jpg

New album out this summer!

You are warmly invited to the release concert of my new album, ZODION!

On Sunday, June 23 at 17:00 in the Zunftsaal, Schmiedenhof, Basel
I will perform my newest composition cycle on the zodiac signs and I would be thrilled
to share it with you!

After the concert you will have the opportunity to get a copy of the CD which I will be overjoyed to sign for you. You are welcome to join us for the concert only or you can stay for the Apéro afterwards if you'd like to find out more about my composition process and share your impressions with me. In order to facilitate the best conditions for all guests, registering before June 15 will be highly appreciated. Your ticket will follow in an e-mail or via mail to your post address and will guarantee your presence.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Afraid of improvising?

This course will not only improve your playing technique, but it will also make you understand music in all its depth as well as listen to and approach a music piece in a totally different way. Your sense of harmony will develop without you consciously realising it, making you highly intuitive musically. Composing a piece of music will seem way easier and, since you will be able to master any unexpected situations, this will bring you highly envied security while performing on stage.

Available in 3 levels, this course offers you a stunning total of 60 video lessons of improvisation with or without a form (like the Sonata or the Minuet) AND
it also comes with a free Workbook to accompany each of the lessons:
In it you will find lots of other examples on every topic, more ideas, tips, and a great deal of bonus material.

Most importantly: you don't need to have graduated in music in order to keep up with this course! All you need is some basic piano playing and music reading skills!

You want to make sure this is the right thing for you? 
Type in your e-mail address and you'll get 6 lessons from the entire course FOR FREE!




This video is very special to me, as it involves the work of two very talented artists: Gergely Nyirö (video) and Umberto Beccaria (sound). It's quite an impressive production made especially for one of my compositions (the first single from my upcoming album) and I am honoured to share it with you!

I look forward to your impressions!

Pianist. Composer. Improviser

"The best in music cannot be found in the score..."
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