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Piano Sonata in F minor (2008)

Piano Sonata in F minor (2008)


Next to the immortal Beethoven, one of the other great composers who influenced the development of my music style is Johannes Brahms. This Sonata clearly shows how much I admire his ability to develop themes, to expand structures and to make use of the full depth of the piano registers. Each of the four movements revolves around the main theme (the three triplets), variating it within the different characters. The piece concludes with a fugue based on the recurrent theme and the beginning of the final movement, a fugue that ends in a glorious recapitulation that's celebrated in the luminescent key of F Major.

Do you have any thoughts on this piece? I would love to hear them!

Pianist. Improviser. Composer.

"The best in music cannot be found in the score..."
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