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Recorded in the Reitstadel Hall at Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany, the debut album of the Romanian pianist and composer comprises Chopin's most famous Ballade, one of Beethoven's most difficult and less known piano sonatas, as well as her newest composition for piano solo, "The Clouds". According to the Video Music Stars Magazine, this album "reveals the multifaceted artistry of Ioana Ilie at its most heart-warming. The Beethoven Sonata is irresistibly exuberant in its opening, as well as its Scherzo and light-footed finale, Ilie brings poetry to the fragmentary cross-handed phrases. (...) A sense of delight permeates her performance of the Chopin Ballade; she digs into the scrunchy textures and lets the composer’s harmonies fizz and gleam throughout this rhythm-driven yet never hurried interpretation. (...) “The Clouds” - amazing compositions of Ilie - bring us to tears and make us dream. Beautifully performed, wonderful harmonies and excellent sound. Ilie’s technique and talent are more than obvious. She plays wonderfully, allowing her music fluidity and space; Ilie proves a match for technique and spirit."
Video Music Stars Magazine

Pianist. Composer. Improviser

"The best in music cannot be found in the score..."
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