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Fantasy (2009) for solo piano

Fantasy (2009) for solo piano


This piece played a huge role in my development as a composer and it is very different from the pieces I had composed before. I had just started my Bachelor's Degree at the Basel Academy of Music and had my first composition lessons with Balz Trümpy. My compositional process until that time had been always very meticulously planned in advance, so I was only writing down a piece once I had its form and harmonic structure all laid out in my head. The first homework Balz gave me was to write a Fantasy (so a composition with a very free form, if any at all) and to write as I go, without any plan. As one can imagine, I felt like walking through a dark forest at first, trying to find the exit in a labyrinth, but soon I realised that this was so much more exciting and rewarding, as it allowed me to perpetually discover new possibilities and inspiration. Balz told me to dare to write down anything that crossed my mind - and I did exactly that, which is why a very famous hymn is quoted out of the blue. Without knowing, this piece and the process of daring and accepting oneself became a metaphor for freedom and changed me throughout as a person and as an artist.

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